Sunday, October 18, 2015

Now that makes sense!

There are so many common chicken sayings, expressions, idioms, what have you, in everyday language, that I don't think most people give much thought to what they mean. I've really become familiar with these comparisons to poultry since I've been raising chickens. Here are just a few of the chicken sayings, and my thoughts and interpretations. 
                                                          COOPED UP
Stir crazy, cabin fever. They all pretty much mean the same thing. I suppose it applies more to the poor frustrated chickens that never get out of a building.  But,after a long NY State winter, even my hens that have the option to go outside everyday I'm sure are rather irritated, and feel the need to get out of the hen house more. 
 My Barred Rock Ladies a few years ago

Well, if you have all your eggs in one vessel, you risk dropping it, and losing all of them. This is pretty much directed at investing money- diversify your portfolio. However, I would like to add my own egg saying- Don't put your eggs in your pocket. I've gone to the coop, found an egg or two, stuck it in my pocket, and forgot about it.  It's definitely not my recommended method for gathering eggs.  Not only does it reduce the egg count for the day, but it really makes a horrible mess since I usually ended up crushing the egg in my pocket.
The spectrum of colors my new chickens lay!

Where as I haven't hatched any eggs yet, whether it be by broody hen or incubator, this is where this saying came from. Generally fertility rate isn't 100%, so not all the eggs will hatch.  Probably should add a line to this saying as well- And sure as heck don't count on getting all hens in the hatch!
While this isn't a saying, I know now what THE CHICKEN DANCE was patterned after. If you've ever watched a chicken foraging, they "perform" the back and forth scratching movement that countless numbers of humans have shamelessly performed at weddings.
Some of my brood foraging in the yard
I will leave you with my reference to the over used WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD joke.  Well, my answer is- To give me grey hair!  I have at least sixty feet of gravel driveway, and just over five acres of woods and yard, but the cheeky chickens insist on going out into the town road!  I'm working on solutions to try to prevent this.  I'll keep you posted on how that is working. Do any of you have issues with your brood getting in the road, and do you have any suggestions (aside from putting them in a pen), how to prevent it?
These breeds, I have 2 of each, are the worst offenders for getting in the road. The Mottled Java (front,) and the Golden Campine in the back. And the Campine is the worse between the two breeds.


  1. Love this especially the "why do the chickens cross the road " only yours would do this , they do it to keep you on your toes 😊

    1. LOLOL! Thanks for reading. Oh, they are terrible! Cheeky for sure!

  2. Love this especially the "why do the chickens cross the road " only yours would do this , they do it to keep you on your toes 😊

  3. Don't forget handwriting that looks like "Chicken Scratch" or "hen-pecked" or "pecking order" a few more idioms that are better understood after raising hens.

    1. Yes, there are many more chicken idioms out there. I didn't want to bore anyone with too many. ;)

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